SETU organisation and standards

Geplaatst op 11 Sep 2013

The Stichting Elektronische Transacties Uitzendbranche (foundation for electronic transactions in the staffing industry) or SETU, is developing and maintaining standards for exchange of electronic data in the staffing industry. Participants are involved in the process of standardization and are supported when implementing these standards in their organization.

More information about SETU can be found under the menu item 'About SETU'

The set of SETU standards consist of:

  • SETU Standard for Ordering and Selection v1.2
  • SETU Standard for Assignment v1.2
  • SETU Standard for Reporting Time and Expensen v1.3
  • SETU Standard for Invoicing v1.3
  • SETU Standard for Vacancies v1.0
  • SETU Standard for CV v0.9
  • SETU Standard for Transmission and Security v1.1

The SETU standards can be downloaded free of charge from the 'Downloads' section (a free account is required and can be created in the 'Register' section).